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Friday, April 8, 2011

getting lazy

this is my first blog post in a long time and the only reason for that is because i am getting lazy. i was doing really well with posting all three blogs every week but then i just stopped!

another reason is because i am really busy.  i work 40 hrs a week and i have 12 credit hours at school and i have to deal with things at home...i get up at 5 usually every morning then i work till about 1 and head to school to be in class from 3 to 6:20 on monday and wednesday. on tuesday i am in class from 2 to 4:50.  friday thru saturday i usually work full days at work or i close and it sucks.  i feel like i never have time to do anything. because when i get home from my busy day i usually do some dishes or cleaning around the house and by the time i get done with that i am exhausted! i dont feel like i am doing well in my other classes either. i try to find time to do my work but its just so hard and i dont know what to do about it. i cant quit my job i have bills to pay and i dont wanna quit school because i like learning. its just i barely can find time to do the work for school

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